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We created Younique to make you feel different and unique every single moment! Any Younique item has three special characteristics:

It is one and only or in a very limited series! Our name states that. That is our unique point. Most of the items are designed and created just  ONE time! We also create some bags in limited series.

It is handmade. With continuous testing of all kind of materials that we choose to like us and inspire us and origin from Greece and all over the world. We try, then create and then offer you our creations!

It is stylish. Colors, shapes, weird materials and every kind of instant inspiration combined every time with a unique way. A moment that anything that matters is our aesthetic and the trends of fashion.

We create and upload at our e-shop new Younique items all the time, so stay tuned! Visit our e-shop again and again to catch that item that will make you feel that it is your other half! We promise, it will not be that difficult!

In any way it will be handmade, limited or one of a kind, stylish, it will be. Terms of use for in pdf in GREEK.

Terms of use for in pdf in ENGLISH. In what ways can I pay my order?

A) With credit card through Paypal
We provide you one of the most renowned and secure payment method via internet, Paypal. It is necessary to use a credit card.

B) With credit card through VivaPayments
We also provide you one of the most Greek renowned and secure payment gateway, VivaPayments. It is also necessary to use a credit card.

C) Bank transfer
For users who do not wish to use their credit card, they can deposit the amount of their order to a bank account. The order will take place after the bank transfer is completed.

D) Pay on Delivery (Cash)
(Applies only in orders in Greece)

For inbound orders we offer you the option to pay on delivery with a small additional fee. You can only pay with cash. For orders in Greece: Free Shipping by Courier

We always provide you the best! So we made sure to complimentary transportation to ALL your orders via Courier. So, you can enjoy more to order from us as and we will send your orders as soon as possible and without any charge at your door! Depending on the receiving address, it may take 1-4 working days.

For the rest orders:

We do love to offer you the best service possible, so we offer completely free postage for all orders over 100 euro. We charge the minimum cost, only 20 euro, for orders under that amount. Please keep in mind, that you may need up to 20 working days to receive your order. It depends on where you are.

You can download our lookbook for Spring / Summer Collection 2016 here. Thank you for your interest!

Lookbook SS Collection 2016 - YOUNIQUE

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